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I specialise in sound, voice and energy frequencies to rebalance and promote wholeness 

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Integrative Energy Healing   

The holistic practice of Integrative Energy Healing works to clear the build up of blocks, patterns and  disease in the body and surrounding energy field providing vital life force energy and charge, and bringing the system back into balance.

This light filled practice offers a sacred space of restoration...

IntegralSound Healing 

We perceive sound waves and vibration cocooned in our mother's womb. Instinctually we know and understand the power of both sound and the mystery of silence, but we have forgotten. 

  Sound and vibrational resonance brings deep calm and peace in mind, body and spirit, as we begin remembering who we are.

Sound Baths 

 If you are suffering from stress, overwork or mild trauma a sound bath can help soothe the emotions, relax the mind and gently help bring you back in touch with yourself. 

A personal or group sound bath is a very gentle, relaxing and enjoyable practice and a wonderful introduction to the healing vibrations and the infinite power of sound. 

Music and Vocal Work 

Be prepared to throw away the music books, every judgement about your voice and musical ability, every story you were told about what you could  or couldn't achieve.

Music, sound vibrations, tones and frequencies are a very powerful and transformative, healing and communications tools. Prepare for a journey of self discovery.

My Experience 

I am a fully accredited and practising energy and sound healer offering private one to one sessions, group work and sound baths or journeys. I am also a creative arts and cultural specialist working with groups and individuals to create expressive music, arts and writing experiences that galvanise groups and communities building self expression, confidence and self esteem.  I have spent over 30 years working in various local and cultural communities in the field of community development, lectured in and taught arts and community practice, and spent many years mentoring creatives and artists. I am also a practising musician and creative.

Why try energy healing? 

When you are anxious about the future, overworking, cannot relax, are consistently tired and not able to tackle the things you long to do, you may be stuck in overwhelm or overdrive and unable to move forward in your life. Perhaps seeing friends, talking, going for a walk or taking part in your usual self care practices don't seem to work anymore and you suspect something deeper is going on.  
Energy healing practices are not a substitute for a medical doctor or practitioner so if you have ruled out or want to support an existing condition to heal then a holistic approach could be right for you. I use techniques that work on the body and in the subtle body; the 'energy' or 'electromagnetic' field around it, to help restore, balance, bring stability and well being. I use my hands, voice and a range of healing instruments and tools to identify blocks and unhelpful patterns or 'dis-ease' in your energetic field causing discomfort and illness. This can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.      

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