My Experience andJourney to wholeness              

   Sometimes we do not know how to heal

My offer to you is to help you begin, or continue your journey

to greater health and wellbeing.

You may only have a vague notion that something is not right, you are more stressed than usual, that nagging pain has got worse, you are blocked, apathetic, or you can't put your finger on what exactly is wrong but it doesn't feel good. 

 I will meet you in those difficult spaces with light and grace and together we will navigate your chosen path. I fundamentally believe we all have the power to heal ourselves. With the right tools and support we can find our own medicine. I would love to hear more about you and to discover what I can bring to your unique situation. I am happy for you to contact me to discuss how I can support your healing journey .

My own healing journey began after a series of circumstances led me to a place of total depletion and a month in hospital. I had been pushing through difficult circumstances for years telling myself I had to keep going until finally I was stopped and no longer able to continue on the path I was on. As I began to evaluate how I came to this place I became increasingly curious about my inner life and those aspects of myself that I had ignored, been unaware of, or had simply or taken for granted. I started to research and pursue various ways of bringing myself back to wholeness through rest, relaxation, self – expression, alternative therapies and arts and healing practice. I finally began to undertake two years of formal accreditation with Evolve Energy Healing, qualifying as an Energy Healer certified by IPHM Holistic Accreditation board in 2016 and 2017. Evolve draws and builds on a range of traditional healing techniques, methodology and science.  I then went on to study with the College of Sound Healing, qualifying as an accredited Sound Healer in 2018 and gaining group sound bath accreditation in 2019.  More recently I have undertaken continuing professional development with the Academy of Sound Healing in crystal bowl skills and techniques to broaden my skill set and I will shortly gain additional certification on completing another foundation course; as Covid 19 restrictions are relaxed and I can resume the necessary face to face practice skills .  
The human experience is a journey of self discovery. As such I am curious about life and love to learn and to work with diverse peoples, experiences and concepts. I am committed to life long learning and expanding my skills appropriately. That said, I have observed and I am becoming increasingly comfortable with the thread that runs through all healing modalities and that some clients are better suited to touch based energy healing whilst others have greater results from sound waves, and vibration. As my clients have testified, the tools I use can move and balance energy on the physical, mental emotional and spiritual planes. I am committed to finding the right approach for you. I work face to face or at a distance with guides, clear intention, intuitive knowledge, colour, frequency and vibration, the chakra system, basic energy meridians, musical intervals and healing sciences including; the human energy field, the electromagnetic field, and scalar energy. I am fully insured, PVG checked and dedicated to continuing professional development. 
 What Clients Say. Energy Healing Sessions
"I felt very safe during the session and I was finally able to forgive my mother after it. That for me was the deepest mother healing I have ever had and it wasn't just temporary. It has stayed with me." ( 1 year on ) Helen J

" I sensed the love,  I felt the oneness of all things,  it was beautiful." Elaine 

"I am so appreciative of you! When you chanted the Gayatri Mantra I don't suppose you noticed the tears falling...* What a beautiful beginning and a powerful one. I really felt it come into my body and my spirit ".
 Client and yoga teacher Mary Laidlaw.  
*  I began this distance healing with a video call 
What Clients Say 
Group and individual sound sessions
“Clare was lovely and Freddie (neonatal baby) really responded to her”  

“I really enjoyed how you adapted the session to the needs of the group. That is really important for us.”  
Commissioning Body, Natalie R
 “I had a physical clearing after the sound bath and the next morning. I then noticed that I could move my arm up. I haven’t been able to do that for years.  
Commissioning Body, Feedback, Janice M

“It made me feel extremely relaxed and helped my mental health after a terrible start to the day.”

 GDPR  - I will seek your permission to keep your records safe under lock and key.

I see her, the wild woman inside 

I feel her, although she tries to hide 

Pushing the edges, gripping on

Till the day , the time fear is gone.   

 © Clare, InTune Energy Healing July 2020

© Copyright In Tune Energy Healing